The visions and prophecies of Daniel expounded

Publication Date1646
Remainderwherein the mistakes of former interpreters are modestly discovered, and the true meaning of the text made plain by the words and circumstances of it. The same also illustrated by clear instances taken out of histories, which relate the events of time, mystically foretold by the holy prophet. Amongst other things of note, touching the two witnesses, the New Jerusalem, the thousand yeers, &c. Here is propounded a new way for the finding out of the determinate time signified by Daniel in his seventy weeks: when it did begin, and when we are to expect the end thereof. Very considerable, in respect of the great stirs and tumults of this present age wherein we live. By Thomas Parker of Newbery in Berkshire, and now pastor to the church at Newbery in New-England
Extent[4], 156 p.
PublisherPrinted by Ruth Raworth and John Field, for Edmund Paxton dwelling at Paul-chain neer Doctors Commons



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