Culpeper's astrologicall judgment of diseases from the decumbiture of the sick much enlarged

Publication Date1655
RemainderI. From Aven Ezra by way of introduction. 2. From Noel Duret by way of direction. Wherein is laid down, the way and manner of finding our the cause, change, and end of the disease Also whether the sick be likely to live or die; and the time when recovery of death is to be expected. With the signs of life or death by the body of the sick party, according to the judgment of Hippocrates. Whereunto is added, A table of logisticall logariithmes, to finde the exact time of the crisis Hermes Trismegistus upon the first decumbiture of the sick: shewing the siggns & coniectures of the disease and of life and death, by the good or evil position of the moon at the time of the parents lying down, or demanding the questions infallible signs to know of what complexion any perso is whatsoever: with a compendious treatise of urine. By Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. Student in Physick and Astrologie
Extent[22], 192, 135-174 p.ill., port.
Publisherprinted for Nath. Brookes at the Golden Angel on Cornhill, neer the Exchange


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