A true and perfect narrative of what was done, spoken by and between Mr. Prynne, the old and newly forcibly late secluded Members, the Army officers, and those now sitting, both in the Commons lobby, House, and elsewhere

Publication Date1659
Remainderon Saturday and Monday last (the 7. and 9. of thi instant May:) with the true reasons, ends inducing Mr. Prynne (a Member of the old Parliament) thus earnestly to press for entry, to go and keep in the House as he did: and what proposals he intended there to make for publike peace, settlement, and preservation of the Parliaments privileges. Put i writing and published by the said William Prynne of Lincolns Inne Esq; to rectifie the various reports, censures of this action; and give publike satisfaction to all Members of the old Parliament, the whole English nation, especially those vianders and free burgesses of the borough of Newport in Cornwal, (who without his privitie, sollicitation, or good liking, unanimously elected him for their burgess, an. 1648. though soon after forcibly secluded, secured, & now twice re-secluded in like manner by the army-officers) of his sincere endevors to the uttermost of his power; to preserve our religion, laws, liberties, ... according to his oaths, covenant, trust, as a Parliament Member, against the utter subverters of them; by meer armed force, arbitrary will and tyrannical power, through the apparent plots, seductions of our professed foreign popish adversaries and their instruments
Extent[2], 94, 85-99, [1] p.


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