A letter to the people of Great Britain, on the present alarming crisis

Publication Date1771
RemainderPointing at the most eligible means for limiting the number of place-men and pensioners, in Parliament, and putting an end to bribery and corruption; to obviate the dangers which now threaten this kingdom.
Publishersold at Mr. Dodsley's, Pall-Mall; Mr. Davis's and Mr. Almon's, in Piccadilly; Mr. Hall's, in Gerrard-Street, Soho; Mr. Hutchinson's, in Piccadilly ; Mr. Bingley's, Newgate-Street; Mr. Williams's, Fleet-street; Mr Anderson's. St. Paul's Church yard; Messrs Richardson and Urquhart, Royal Exchange; the booksellers about Charing Cross and Westminster-Hall, and most pamphlet shops in town

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