The liturgical considerator considered: or a brief view of Dr. Gauden's considerations touching the liturgy of the Church of England

Publication Date1661
RemainderWherein the reasons by him produced for imposing the said liturgy upon all, are found to be so weak; his defence of things offensive in i so slight; the arguments against the liturgy by himselfe afforded, are so strong, that some, who upon His Majesties declaration did incline to the liturgy, are now further from it, by reading his wordy discourse about it. Also some reasons humbly rendered, why many ministers as yet cannot conform to that liturgy; but not out of disloyalty, pride, ingratitude, peevishness, nor schismatical petulancy, as the sarcastical pen of this uncharitable doctor hath published. The second edition. By G.F. as firm and loyal a subject to His Majesty, as this considerator is
Extent[24], 39, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Ralph Smith at the Bible in Cornhil, near the Royal Exchange





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