The hypocrites vnmasking· Or A cleare discovery of the grosse hypocrisy of the officers and agitators in the army

Publication Date1647
Remainderconcerning their pretended forwardnesse, and reall syncere desires to relieve Ireland, with the obstruction whereof they falsely charge some of the 11 impeached Members, (who cordialy advanced it) in the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13.,[sic] 11, 12, & 14. articles of their mostfalse [sic] and scandalous charge. By a letter of the agitators to Lieutenant Generall Crumwell, March 30. 1647: and Colonell Robert Hammmond his unreasonable propositions to the Parliament; and some briefe observations concerning Sir Hardresse Waller, and the Lord Lisle; late governour of Ireland
Extent8 p.


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