The Messiah magnified by the mouthes of babes in America, or, Gaius and Gameliel, an helpfull father, and his hopefull son, commodiously discoursing concerning three most considerable points

Publication Date1659
Remaindernamely, 1. The great want that is of Christ. 2. The great worth that is in Christ. 3. The good way that is chalkt out by Christ. In twelve edifying questions, and the answers thereunto; with the attestation of the auditors. Commended to all godly fathers among his guidless friends in his native countrey, and tending to the furtherance of their spiritual good and growth i their family-government. By their daily and dolefull remembrancer Marmaduke Matthews, lately a teaching-elder of the church at Maldon in New-England
Extent[10], 52 p.
Publisherprinted by A.M. for Simon Miller at the Star in Pauls Church-yard





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