Vox clamantis; or, A cry to Protestant dissenters

Publication Date1683
Remaindercalling them from some unwarrantable ways, with which they are vulgarly, and perhaps too truly charged, viz. from all unnecessary medling in matters of state. From too deep engagement of themselves in this present world, and too great conformity to it. From thinking too highly of themselves for their separation-sake only. From fanaticism, properly so called, in their prayers, sermons, books, &c. And seriously exhorting them to the minding of the great concerns of heaven. To fruitfulness in well-doing. To sobriety, and the use of reason in all religious matters. By N.N. a Protestant, and declared dissenter from the Church of England, as far as that church dissents from Christian liberty, holiness and charity, and no further
Extent[2], 82 p.
Publisherprinted for W.H. and are to be sold by Richard Janaway


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