Catalogus variorum librorum quavis facultate insigniorum bibliothecarum instructissimarum Rev. Doct. Amb. Atfield S.T.D. nuperrime Londinensis. nec non alterius cujusdam Theologi Doct. non ita pridem (defunctorum.)

Publication Date1685
RemainderQuorum auctio habenda est Londini apud Domum Auctionariam ex adverso Nigri Cygni, in vico vulgo? dicto Ave-Mary-Lane, prope? Ludgate-Street, 25 die Maii 1685. Per Edvardum Millingtonum, bibliopolam
Extent[4], 68 p.
PublisherCatalogues are distributed at Mr. Nott's at the King's-Arms in Pell-Mell, at Mr. Will. Henshman's shop in Westminster-Hall, at Mr. Wilkinson's at the Black Boy in Fleet-street, at Mr. Will. Miller's at te Acorn in in [sic] St. Paul's Church-yard, at Mr. Southby' at the Harrow in Cornhill, by Mr. Stephens in Oxford, and Mr. Hick's in Cambridg, booksellers


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