The Vniversity of Oxfords plea refuted. Or, A full answer to a late printed paper, intituled, The priviledges of the Vniversity of Oxford in point of visitation

Publication Date1647
Remaindertogether with the Vniversities answer to the summons of the visitors. Manifesting the vanity and falsity of this pretended Vniversity priviledge and plea to the visitors jurisdiction; that the right of visiting the Vniversity of Oxford is onely in the Kings Majestie, and that it is exempt from all other jurisdiction by its foundation, prescription, and severall grants of exemption. And insufficiency of all the allegations and authorities produced to support it. Published for the information of the judgements, and satisfaction of the consciences of all ingenuous members of that Vniversitie, who onely out of ignorance or error, not obstinacy or malignity, have demurred to the jurisdiction of the visitors thereof, though appointed, authorized by ordinance of Parliament, and commission under the Great Seal of England. By William Prynne, Esq; one of the said visitors
Extent[2], 64 p.
Publisherprinted by T.B. for Michael Spark




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