A iustification of two points now in controversie with the Anabaptists concerning baptisme

Publication Date1646
Remainderthe first is, that infants of Christians ought to be baptized, with grounds to prove it, and their objections answered. With a briefe answer to Master Tombes twelve doubtfull arguments against it in his exercitation about infants baptisme. Also a briefe answer to Captaine Hobsons five arguments in his falacy of infants baptisme, being (as he saith) that which should have beene disputed by him, and Mr. Knowles, and some others, against Mr. Calamy and Mr. Cranford. The second point is, that the sprinckling the baptized more agreeth with the minde of Christ then dipping or plunging in or under the water: with grounds to prove it, and a briefe auswer [sic] to what they have to say against it. By T.B
Extent[2], 30 p.
PublisherPrinted for Henry Shepard at the Bible in Tower-street, and for William Ley at his shop in Pauls Church-yard neere Doctors Commons




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