The apostasy of the latter times

Publication Date1642
RemainderIn which, (according to divine prediction) the world should wonder after the beast, the mystery of iniquity should so farre prevaile over the mystery of godlinesse, whorish Babylon over the virgin-church of Christ; as that the visible glory of the true church should be much clouded, the true unstained Christian faith corrupted, the purity of true worship polluted. Or, the gentiles theology of dæmons, ... supposed to be mediatours between God and man: revived in the latter times amongst Christians, in worshipping of angels, ... bowing downe to images, worshipping of crosses, &c. All which, together with a true discovery of the nature, originall, progresse, of the great, fatall, and solemn apostasy, are cleared. Delivered in publique some years since upon I. Tim. 4. 1, 2, 3. By Ioseph Mede B.D. and late Fellow of Chists Colledge in Cambridge
Extent[16], 152 p.
Publisherprinted by Richard Bishop for Samuel Man dwelling at the singe of the Swan in Pauls Church-yard




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