The three kingdomes healing-plaister. Or, The solemne covenant of reformation and defence explained

Publication Date1643
RemainderWherein is shewed the authority, antiquity, and use of an holy covenant: the occasions moving to it, and the ends in doing it, the necessity of it at this time, for diverse reasons herein expressed. Also a full explanation of each article of the Covenant, to the satisfaction of all: shewing the benefit that may redound by it, viz. Gods protection and blessing to heale our miseries, and establish truth in religion, peace and lasting happinesse to the three kingdomes. Likewise shewing the danger of refusing it, and Gods curse upon us, if wee enter into it deceitfully. Imprimatur, Ja. Cranford. By G.S. Gent
Extent[2], 14 p.
Publisherprinted for Francis Coles in the Old-Bailey



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