The young man's instructer, and the old man's remembrancer: or Controversies and practical truths, fitted to the capacity of children, and the more ignorant sort of people

Publication Date1673
RemainderBeing done in a catechetical exercise, on the Lords Day, in explaining the questions of the reverend assemblies shorter catechisme, wherein several erroneous doctrines of Quakers, Socinians, Arminians, Antinomians and Papists are propounded and confuted. Together with a practical application of the truth confirmed; in both, the child or youth answering by yes, or no. Now published for an help to masters of families, in the instructing of their children and servants in the truths of the Gospel, and applying of them to their consciences, which would exceedingly tend to further the success of ministers labours, among their people. By Tho. Doolittel, Minister of the Gospel
Extent[16], 112 p., 113-128 l., 129-367, [9] p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Parkhurst, and are to be sold at the Bible and 3 Crowns in Cheapside, near Mercers Chappel; and at the Bible on London-Bridg, under the Gate


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