The lady's companion

Publication Date1740
Remainderor, an infallible guide to the fair sex. Containing, rules, directions, and observations, for their conduct and behaviour through all ages and circumstances of life, as virgins, wives, or widows. With Directions, how to obtain all Useful and Fashionable Accomplishments suitable to the Sex. In which are comprised all Parts of Good Housewifry, particularly rules and above one thousand different receipts in every kind of cookery. 1. Making all Sorts of Soops and Sauces. 2. Dressing Flesh, Fish, and Fowl; this last illustrated with Cuts, shewing how every Fowl, Wild or Tame, is to be trust for the Spit: Likewise all other Kind of Game. 3. Making above 50 different Sorts of Puddings, which are double the Number to be met with in any Book of this Kind. 4. The whole Art of Pastry in making Pies, Tarts, and Pasties. 5. Receipts for all Manner of Pickling, Collaring, &c. 6. For Preserving, making Creams, Jellies, and all Manner of Confectionary 7. Rules and Directions for setting out Dinners, Suppers, and Grand Entertainments. To which is added, Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year, curiously engraven on Copper Plates, with the Forms of Tables and Dishes, and the Shapes of Pies, Tarts, and Pasties. With Instructions for Marketing. Also Rules and Receipts for making all the choicest Cordials for the Closet: Brewing Beers, Ales, &c. Making all Sorts of English Wines, Cyder, Mum, Mead, Metheglin, Vinegar, Verjuice, Catchup, &c. With some fine Persumes, Pomatums, Cosmetick and other Beautifiers
Publisherprinted for T. Read, in Dogwell-Court, White-Fryers, Fleet-Street



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