The soveraigne povver of parliaments & kingdomes. Or Second part of the Treachery and disloialty of papists to their soveraignes

Publication Date1643
RemainderWherein the Parliaments and kingdomes right and interest in, and power over the militia, ports, forts, navy, ammunition of the realme, ... their right and interest to nominate and elect all needfull commanders, to exercise the militia for the kingdomes safety, and defence: ... to recommend and make choise of the Lord Chancellor, Keeper, Treasurer, Privy Seale, privie counsellors, iudges, and sheriffes of the kingdome, ... with the Parliaments late assertion; that the King hath no absolute negative voice in passing publicke bills of right and iustice, ... when both houses deeme them necessary and just: ... It is this 28th. day of March, 1643. ordered ... that this booke intituled, The soveraigne power of parliaments and kingdomes, be forthwith printed by Michael Sparke, Senior. Iohn White
Extent[4], 38 p., 39-40 leaves, 41-56 p., 57-60 leaves, 57-79, [1] p.
LocationPrinted at London
Publisherby J.D. for Michael Sparke, Senior


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