Concerning the living God of truth and the world's god, in whom there is no truth

Publication Date1680
RemainderAnd also, how man and woman fell from the living God; and how the serpent became the god of the world. And how God was the teacher of man and woman, who made man and woman perfect: and when they forsook God's teaching, and followed the Serpent's teaching, they became unperfect. And how Christ cometh to destroy the Devil, and bring man and woman under God's teaching again, who taught them in the beginning. ... And how the Old Testament was read among the Jews in their mother-tongue; and so ought all the Christians to read the New Testament among the Christians in their mother-tongue. With some queries for all to consider of, in the latter-end of this book; and other remarkable things, which are too large to mention in the title-page. By George Fox
Extent47, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Benjamin Clark in George-Yard in Lumbard-street




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