The young mans guide in his way to heaven. Or, A cabinet of rich jewels

Publication Date1676
Remaindercontaining several excellent rules of good counsel and directions, for the instructions of young men, and young women, in the ways of piety, and true holiness, and so to walk as becomes the childere of God. 1. Wherein is shewed the duty of young men, to seek the Lord betimes, according to that excellent pattern of good King Josiah, and so remember their Creator in the days of their youth. 2. The sins that daily attend youth, with some pretious remedies against them. 3. The necessity of being really good betimes, and continuing to be an old disciple of Christ, expressed in several particulars. 4. Good councel to youth to make sure of heaven and their own salvation here, that they may be happy for ever. 5. The souls preparation for death and blessed eternity with the sighs and sobs of the damned in hell for their mispent time. All exemplified by Scripture, and with history to the readers profit, delight and benefit. Being exceeding useful for the promoting of piety in youth, in these licentious times. To which is added several godly prayers for youth. By T.B. Minister of the Gospel
Extent[24] p.
Publisherprinted by J. Coniers, at the Black Raven in Duck-Lane


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