Concordia discors, or The dissonant harmony of sacred publique oaths, protestations, leagues, covenants, ingagements, lately taken by many time-serving saints, officers, without scruple of conscience

Publication Date1683
Remaindermaking a very unpleasant consort in the ears of our most faithful, oath-performing, covenant-keeping God, and all loyal consciencious subjects; sufficient to create a doleful hell, and tormenting horror in the awakened consciences of all those, who have taken, and violated them too, successively, without any fear of God, men, devils, or hell, or a discourse tending to prove that the oaths of supremacy and allegiance do in direct words, extend not only to the King's person, but his heirs and successors. And do inviolably bind our three kingdoms in perpetuity, in point of law and conscience, so long as there is any heir of the crown and royal line in being; and that upon many unanswerable Scripture-presidents, and legal considerations. By William Prynne, Esq; a bencher of Lincolns-Inn
Extent[2], 45, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Edw. Thomas in Little-Britain, in 1659. And now reprinted by Samuel Lowndes, over against Exeter-Exchange in the Strand in 1683. And are to be sold by R. Davis in Amen-corner




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