Ephe?meris. Or, A diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the year of our Lord, 1690

Publication Date1690
Remainderbeing the second after bissextile, or leap-year. Containing I. A complete ephemeris of the planets motions and aspects, eclipses of the luminaries, high water, the moons age terms, and their returns; with a domifying table, and a table of the planets essential dignities, &c. according to Ptolemy. II. An exact translation of the Jatromathematica of the excellent Hermes Trismegistus, which himself dedicated to the patronage of the great Egyptian king Ammon; of most admirable use in physick. By John Gadbury, student in physick and astrologie. Licensed, September 16th, 1689. Rob. Midgley
Extent[32], 15, [1] p.
Publisherprinted by J.R. for the Company of Stationers



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