Ephe?meris: or, A diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological. For the year of our Lord, 1673

Publication Date1673
RemainderPresenting, I. The planetary motions, aspects and ecclipses [sic]: together with the usual furniture of other almanacks, as terms, tides, &c. II. The figure of the world, and judgment thereon; touching sickness and sanity, plenty and penury, &c. III. The genitures of those three great ornaments of learning, and honor of our English nation, viz. Mr. John Selden, the Lord F. Bacon, Sir Kenelm Digby Kt. Made publick for the advantage of artists, and illustration of astrology. With a catalogue of all the monarchs which have reigned over Great Brittain, since the time of K. Edgar. By John Gadbury philomathe?matikos, student in physick and astroloigie
Extent[78] p.
Publisherprinted [by J.C.] for the Company of Stationers



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