Ephe?meris: or, A diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the year of grace 1671

Publication Date1671
RemainderBeing the third after the leap-year. Presenting I. The planetary motions and configurations, eclipses, &c. Together with the usual furniture of other almanacks, as terms, tides, sun-rising, &c. II. The revolution of the world, and judgements thereon, touching the state of the year in general. III. A choice experiment, evincing the verity of celestial influences. And a preface (as the author hopes) of no common utility to the sons of art and learning. IV. The radix of the noble island of Jamaica. By John Gadbury, philomathe?matikos
Extent[80] p.
Publisherprinted [by J.C.] for the Company of Stationers



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