The true Christ ovvned, in a few plain words of truth

Publication Date1667
Remainderby way of reply to all such professors or profane, who lay to the charge the elect people of God, called Quakers, that they deny the bloud [sic] of Christ, and his body, and resurrection, and that they deny the Lord that bought them, and trample the blood of the covenant under their feet. This is the great out-cry in the mouthes of such as know not what they say, nor whereof they affirm, lifting up their voices (like the unbelieving Jews) of heresie and blasphemy against us; and all this is because we answer not their wils, and the imaginations of their dark mind, but according to the manifestation of God in every mans conscience (as the true apostles and ministers of Christ did) and according to the scriptures of truth, which holy men of God spake forth, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost; as will plainly appear to all whose eye the Lord hath opened; which may give much satisfaction to such as sincerely desire to know the truth (as it is in Jesus) and walk in it, for whose sake and vindication of the truth and people of God, is this written, by William Bayly
Extent23, [1] p.


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