The petition of the Lords and Commons of Parliament, assembled at Oxford

Publication Date1644
Remainderpresented to His Maiesty the day before the recesse. And His Maiesties gracious answer to the same. With His Majesties protestation, formerly made in the head of his army, and now againe reprinted at the desire, and by the advice of both Houses. Charles R. Our expresse pleasure is, that this petition, with our answer and protestation, be read by the Parson, Vicar or Curate, in every Church and Chappell, within our Kingdome of England, and the Dominion of Wales
Extent[2], 6 p.
PublisherPrinted by His Majesties Command, at the desire of the Lords and Commons of Parliament assembled at Oxford, by Leonard Lichfield, printer to the Vniversity


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