An exact narrative of the tryals of the pyrates

Publication Date1670
RemainderAnd all the proceedings at the late goal-delivery of the Admiralty, held in the Old-Bayly, on Thursday and Saturday, the 7th. and 9th. of Jan. 1674/75. where eight persons were condemned to die: (viz.) Capt. George Cusacke alias, Dixon, alias, Smith. Gerrard Coundon. VVilliam Collingwood. Gerrard Stack. Henry Lovewell. Simon Harker. and Miles Fitz-Gerrard. For taking and robing two ships, viz. the Robert, neer the Fly: & the Ann, on the Dogger-sands. And John King, for taking and robbing a ship called the Palm-Tree; neer Harwich. As likewise the fineing of an Ostend captain 400l. and two of his officers 50l. a piece, for not strikeing sail to the Woolwich, one of his Majesties frigates. And many other circumstances there, very remarkable: the like court having not been held for many years before
Extent8 p.

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