The second part of The nonconformists plea for peace·

Publication Date1680
RemainderBeing an account of their principles about civil and ecclesiastical authority and obedience, (as far as the author knoweth it), and about things indifferent, and evil by accident or scandal: and what their nonconformity is not: and whether the ministers encourage sects and schism: with their judgements and earnest desires of the Churches peace and concord, and the true and necessary means. Mostly written many years past, and now published to save our lives and the kingdoms peace, from the false and bloody plotters, who would first perswade the King and people that the Protestants and particularly the nonconformists are Presbyterians and fanaticks; and next that it was such Presbyterians that killed his father; and next that our principles are rebellious; and next that we are plotting a rebellion and his death; and lastly that this is the genius of the Parliament; and therefore that they and we must be used as enemies to the King. By Richard Baxter
Extent[28], 204 p.
Publisherprinted for John Hancock at the three Bibles near the Royal Exchange in Cornhil




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