The history of the tales of the fairies

Publication Date1800
Remainder(from the French) containing I. The tale of Graciosa and Prince Percinet; shewing the Cruelty of a proud Mother-in-Law, to an innocent dutiful Virgin. II. The blue bird and Florina; shewing the Happiness of being good-natured in both Sexes. III. Prince Avenant, and the Beauty with Locks of Gold; shewing what Difficulties and Dangers Love will surmount. IV. The king of the peacocks, and the Princess Rosetta; shewing the Vanity of Covetousness, Pride, and Envy. V. Prince Nonpareil, and the Princess Brilliant; wherein is shewn, that outward Beauty is not the only Object Love delights to dwell in. VI. The orange-tree, and its beloved Bee; shewing the Happiness of those Lovers who shall find Constancy in Perfection. Dedicated to the Ladies of Great Britain
Publisherprinted by T. Sabine and Son, No, 81, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street

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