The Historian's pocket dictionary

Publication Date1790
RemainderAnnexing dates to the memorable occurrences, from the earliest period of history to the present time: relative to [a]cademies in Europe, [a]ccidents, incidents, &c. [B]attles, seafights, &c. Conquests, &c. Discoveries of countries, discoveries and inventions, remarkable events, famines, deaths, &c. Earthquakes, storms, &c. Frosts, inundations, &c. Foundation of kingdoms, &c. Institution of laws, courts, &c. Military knighthoods, remarkable buildings, religious of states, religious institutions, &c. Religious orders, &c. Titles of honour, &c. Sacred writers, &c. Incorporated societies, &c. Universities. Also the Sovereigns of England and Scotland, distinguished painters, &c. and eminent men of all professions
PublisherPrinted for J. Murray, No. 32, Fleet Street, and G. and T. Wilkie, No. 71, St. Paul's Church Yard

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