A new torch to the Latine tongue

Publication Date1666
Remainderso enlightned, that besides the easie understanding of all classical authours, there is also laid open a ready way to write and speak Latine. well and elegantly. Being very useful for gentlemen, lawyers, and young clerks, and all others: either for Englishmen that desire to better their knowledge in the Latine tongue, or for strangers to learn and speak English. The preface whereof will shew the contents and use: with the several judgements of many learned schollars on the whole work. The second edition far more corrected and exact, and enlarged almost by half. By Paul P. Jasz-Berenyi, a Transylvanian, Gent
Extent[218], 648, [2], 170, [32] p.
PublisherPrinted by B. Wood, and are to be sold by R.L. and Nath. Brooke, at the Angel in Cornhill



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