A description of the three principles of the Divine Essence

Publication Date1648
RemainderViz: of the b un-originall eternall c birth of the Holy Trinity of God: and how the angels, the heavens, also the starres and elements, and every creaturely beeing, and all that live and move, proceeded from and were created by it. Especially, of man, of what he was created, and to what end; and how he fell from his first glory into the angry wrathfulnesse, and in his first beginning dyed the death and was helped againe. And then, what the anger of God, sinne, death, the devill, and hell are: how these stood in the eternall rest, in Great joy; and how every thing (in this [worlds] time) tooke its beginning: and how it cometh to act as it doth at present and d what it shall come to be againe in the end of all. Written in the German language anno 1619. by Jacob Beme.
Extent[10], 356 [i.e. 396], [28] p.
Publisherprinted by M.S. for H. Blunden at the Castle in Cornhill


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