The prisoners of New-Gates condemnation

Publication Date1642
RemainderDeclaring every verdict of the whole bench at the Sessions house in the Old Bayly. April 22 With the Jesuits and fryers being censured by the Parliament, five fryers being examined by a committee in the court of wards, with their confessions at the same time, also those 18. that were suspected to adjoyn with the Irish rebels, with a pilgrim, and four more Irish souldiers. Likewise a relation of him that killed Sir Henrie Paget, and many other fellons. With the names of every particular one. Whereunto is annexed, more exceeding true and joyfull news from Ireland, describing a great and bloudy battell fought in the Neweries, by Sir Henry Tichbourn, Sir Charles Coot, and Captain Marro, with 3000. men, against 10000. of the rebels, April 17. 1642
Extent[8] p.
LocationImprinted at London
Publisherfor H. Blunon

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