More proofs of infants church-membership and consequently their right to baptism: or a second defence of our infant rights and mercies

Publication Date1675
RemainderIn three parts. The first is, the plain proof of Gods statute, or covenant for infants church-membership from the creation, and the continuance of it till the institution of baptism; with the defence of that proof against the frivolous exceptions of Mr. Tombes. And a confutation of Mr. Tombes his arguments against infants church membership. The second is, a confutation of the strange forgeries of Mr. H. Danvers against the antiquity of infant-baptism, and his many calumnies against my self and writings. With a catalogue of fifty six new Commandments and doctrines, which he, and the sectaries who joyn with him in those calumnies seem to own. The third part is, animadversions on Mr. Danver's reply to Mr. Willis. Extorted by their unquiet importunity from an earnest desirer of the love and peace of all true christians. By Richard Baxter
Extent[14], 414, [2] p.
Publisherprinted for N. Simmons at the Princes Arms, and J. Robinson at the Golden-Lyon in St. Paul's Church-yard




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