The famous history of Pheander the maiden knight

Publication Date1661
Remainderhow disguised under the habite and name of Armatius a marchant, he forsooke his kingdome of Carmania for the love of Amoretta, the most incomparable princesse of Trebisond. Whose love by his matchless valour and haughty attempts in armes, he at the last obtained, and was afterwards made King of Trebisond. Together with a true narration of the rare fidelity of his tutor Machaon, who had travelled through divers kingdomes in the pursuance of him, and the counsels which they joyntly entertained for his repossession into his ancient, and native kingdome of Carmania. Intermixed with many pleasant discourses, wherein the graver sort may take delight, and the youthfull be encouraged by honourable and worthy adventures to gaine fame
Extent[6], 26, 35-130, 141-180 p.
Publisherprinted by Thomas Favvcet, and are to bee sold by Fr. Coles, at his shop at the signe of the Lamb in the Old-Baily


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