False prophets discovered

Publication Date1642
RemainderBeing a true story of the lives and deaths of two weavers (late of Colchester) viz. Richard Farnham and Iohn Bull; who affirmed themselves the two great prophets which should come in the end of the world, mentioned Revel. 11. Also that the plague should not come nigh their dwelling. Neverthelesse being prisoners, the one in Old-Bridewell, the other in New-Bridewell, by a strange providence of almighty God, both the one and the other dyed of of the plague in a house where they usually met, in Rosemary-Lane, in Ianuary last, 1641. Here also is laid down their strange prophecies, and the Scriptures which they most blasphemously wrested, to the seducing of divers proselytes, who yet remaine obstinate, and confidently affirme that they are risen from the dead, and gone in vessels of bullrushes to convert the tenne Tribes; the which they will also seeme to prove, as may be seene by this ensuing discourse
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