A true history of the lives of the popes of Rome

Publication Date1679
Remainderwith a description of their particular vices and misdemeanours. As 1 Atheists. 2 Arrians. 3 Magicians or conjurers. 4 Blasphemers. 5 Forswearers and equivocators. 6 Turkish pentioners. 7 Mad-men and tyrants. 8 Warriours and blood-succours. ... 11 Whoremasters. 12 Adulterers. 13 Incestuous persons. 14 Sodomites. 15 Panders. ... 19. Covetous persons. 20. Church-robbers. 21 Somonianists. 22 Ambitious persons. 23 Monsters. 24 Unlearned persons. With a full discovery of the cursed tenents of the Church of Rome: concerning the popes power, authority in ecclesiasticals and temporals over emperours, kings, princes and potentates, whom they may excommunicate, depose, murther, poison, or make away by any unlawful means whatsoever, even by their own subjects, and notwithstanding all oaths of allegiance and supremacy, for which they can give dispensation. With a relation of their many execrable and bloody designs and massacres; not only in England and Ireland, but also in France, Spain, and other places·
Extent[4], 6, 9-12 [i.e. 26] p.
Publisherprinted for H.M. and R.T. and are to be sold in the Old-Bayly


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