Another cry of the innocent & oppressed, for justice; or, A second relation of the unjust proceedings at the sessions held at Hicks's Hall for the county of Middlesex, and at the Old Baily, London, the 6th and the 14th dayes of the 10th month or December, 1664 with and agains 32 more of the people called Quakers, who were all sentenced for a pretended breach of the late Act

Publication Date1665
RemainderTogether with an account of the most material passages between the prisoners and the aforesaid courts, in which it doth appear very plainly, that only meeting to worship God in the spirit and in the truth, is by the judges, made and declared to be the matter of fact deserving so grievous a sentance. Vnto which also is now added, a brief, short summary of the sentencing of 36 more of the aforesaid people, in scorn called Quakers, at the two places above mentioned, 4 at Hicks's Hall, and 32 at the Old Baily, the 11th and 15th of the 11th month called January, where they were all sentenced for to be transported to the island of Jamaica
Extent[2], 29, [1] p.

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