Plain Scripture proof of infants church-membership and baptism

Publication Date1651
Remainderbeing the arguments prepared for (and partly managed in) the publike dispute with Mr. Tombes at Bewdley on the first day of January, 1649. With a full reply to what he then answered, and what is contained in his sermon since preached, in his printed books, his M.S. on I Cor. 7.14. which I saw, against Mr. Marshal, against these arguments. With a reply to his valedictory oration at Bewdley; and a corrective for his Antidote. By Richard Baxter a minister of Christ for his church at Kederminster. Constrained unavoidably hereto by Mr. Tombes his importunity; by frequent letters, messengers, in his pulpit, and at last in print, ... Hereto is added an appendix, against the doctrine in the other extream, contained in a tractate of Mr. Th. Bedford's, ... and with an epistle of Mr. Cranfords, and a tractate of Dr. Wards (on which also some animadversions are added.)
Extent[56], 168, 171-346 p.
Publisherprinted for Robert White


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