A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament

Publication Date1643
Remainderfor the vindication of Ferdinando Lord Fairefax, and others imployed in their service against the Earle of New-Castle, and his army of papists, which threatens ruine and desolation of our religion lawes and liberties. Also requiring and commanding all persons whatsoever, as they tender the good and prosperity of the true protestant religion. [sic] forthwith to withdraw themselves from his assistance, and no longer to aid him nor any of his adherents. Die Veneris, 3 Feb. 1642. Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that this declaration be forthwith printed and published. Browne, Cler. Parliament
Extent[8] p.
PublisherFeb. 4. Printed for Iohn Wright in the Old Bailey

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