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Publication Date1732
RemainderContaining a scheme or proposal, for taking off the several taxes on land, soap, starch, candles, leather, plate, pot, &c. As also the duties on the several commodities us'd in dying, which will be a great benefit and encouragement to the woollen manufactury; and replacing the said duties by another tax which will bring in more money in a more easy and equal manner, and less burthensome to the subject: humbly offered to the consideration, not only of the Parliament, but also the people of England, for whose benefit this is design'd. Plainly proving, that the duties on soap, candles, and leather, which do not bring in 600,000l. a year, cost the subject more than double that sum: so that this method is calculated to ease the people of one half they now pay, on account of those several taxes, and yet not lessen the revenue: and the same will also serve at any time hereafter, to raise any sum the government may have occasion for. Part II
PublisherPrinted for H. Cooke, in Fleetstreet; and sold by E. Cooke, under the Royal-Exchange; and at the Pamphlet-Shops in London and Westminster



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