The Case of bankrupts and insolvents consider'd

Publication Date1735
RemainderWherein it is shewn, I. That the most criminal of all insolvents do not, by the laws now in being, meet with any punishment. II. That their creditors have no proper relief. III. That all other insolvents are too severely punished. IV. That the truly unfortunate are most inhumanly dealt with. And, V. That the present method of treating insolvents in general is inconsistent with the laws of nature, and the maxims of true polity. Together with the draught of a bill for amending the law in every one of these particulars: I. By distinguishing insolvents into their proper and natural classes. II. By alloting a proportional punishment to each. III. By granting mercy in a proper way to the truly unfortunate. And, IV. By giving relief to the creditors of fraudulent insolvents. Part I
PublisherPrinted and sold by J. Watson in Wardrobe Court, Great Carter Lane, near Doctors Commons: and A. Dodd without Temple-bar

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