Vox Stellarum: or, A loyal almanack for the year of human redemption MDCCLXXXVI

Publication Date1786
RemainderBeing the second after bissextile or leap-years: in which are contained a table of terms and their returns: the full changes and quarters of the moon; the rising, southing, and setting of the stars and other fixed stars on notes, the moon's age, and a tide table fitted to the same. The rising and setting of the sun the rising, southing, and setting of the moon; mutual aspects, monthly observations; and many other things useful and profitable. Unto which are added astrological observations on four quarters of the year; an hieroglyphic, alluding to these present times; a remarkable chronology and other matters both curious and profitable. With a particular account of the transit of the plane of mercury over the face of the sun. By Francis Moore, physician
PublisherPrinted for T. Carnan, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, who, after an expensive suit in law and equity, by the unanimous opinion of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas dispossessed the Stationers' Company of their pretended exclusive privilege of printing almanacks, which they had usurped for two centuries; a convincing proof that no unjust monopoly will ever Strand the test of an English Court of Justice


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