Authentick memoirs of the wicked life and transactions of Elizabeth Jeffryes

Publication Date1752
Remainderspinster. Who was executed on Saturday, March 28, 1752, on Epping-Forest, near Walthamstow; for being concerned in the murder of her late uncle, Mr. Joseph Jeffryes: with the particulars of her behaviour, during the Time of her Confinement, before her Tryal; her Confession after her Conviction to the two Reverend Divines, Mr. Tindall and Mr. Griffiths; and of every Circumstance that occurred from the Time of her being acquainted that the Dead Warrant was come down, to the Time of her Execution. Also a full accoun of the life, behaviour, and confession, of John Swan, who was executed with her, for committing the said murder
Publisherprinted and sold by R. Walker, in the Little Old Bailey, and all the Booksellers and Pamphletsellers

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