Navigation spiritualized; or A new compass for sea-men

Publication Date1726
Remainderconsisting of XXXII points. Of pleasant observations, profitable applications, and serious reflections: all concluded with so many spiritual poems. Whereunto is now added, 1. A sober consideration of the sin of drunkenness. 2. The harlots face in the Scripture-glass. 3. The art of preserving the fruits of the lips. 4. The resurrection of buried mercies and promises. 5. The sea-mans catechism. Being an essay toward their much desired reformation from the horrible and detestable sins of drunkenness, swearing, uncleanness, forgetfulness of mercies, violation of promises, and atheistical contempt of death. Fit to be seriously recommended to their profane relations, whether sea-men or others, by all such as unfeignedly desire their eternal welfare. [Four lines of Scripture texts] By John Flavel, Minister of the Gospel
PublisherRe-printed for and sold by Nich. Boone at the Sign of the Bible in Cornhill



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