The glory of Christ as God-man displayed

Publication Date1795
Remainderin three discourses. Viz. Disc. I. A survey of the visible appearances of Christ, as God, before his incarnation; with some observations on the texts of the Old Testament applied to Christ. Disc. II. An inquiry into the extensive powers of the human nature of Christ in its present glorified state, with several testimonies annexed. Disc. III. An argument tracing out the early existence of the human soul of Christ, even before the creation of the world. With an appendix, containing an abridgement of Dr. Thomas Goodwin's discourse of the glories and royalties of Christ, in his works in folio, vol. II. book III. By Isaac Watts, D.D. [Three lines of Scripture texts]
PublisherPrinted by Manning and Loring, for David West, no. 36, Marlborough-Street



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