Tractatus hierographicus: Or. A treatise of the Holy scriptures

Publication Date1751
RemainderContaining I. An exhortation to the diligent reading of the Holy Scriptures. II. A declaration of the true way, whereby we may come to know a profiting in the reading of them. III. That it is by the testimony of the holy spirit of God in the hearts of the faithful, thay they do certainly and favingly know that the Holy Scriptures are given by inspiration of God. IV. Several protestant writers and churches, asserting, that it is only by the testimony of the holy spirit in the hearts of faithful, that they come certainly and favingly to know, that the Holy Scriptures were given by inspriation of God. V. That the holy spirit of god is the principal and only certain and insallible expositor or interpreter of them. VI. That we may certainly know, whether we have the holy spirit of god, and that our doctrine is of him. By Richard Claridge
PublisherPrinted for W. Ellis, bookseller, in St. Alban's-Street, near Pall-Mall; W. Meadows, bookseller, Cornhill; and Paul Stevens, over-against Stationers-Hall


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