What has been, may be again: or an instance of London's loyalty, in 1640, &c. Part II

Publication Date1710
RemainderWherein is contained an account of the first attempts made to subvert the government of the City, by opposing the Lord-Mayor's nominating the first Sheriff, after a continu'd Custom of many hundred Years; which having obtain'd, by what Methods they New-Modell'd not only the City but the whole Kingdom; with many Remarkable Occurrences relating particularly to the Management of the Clubs of Reformers at the Star Tavern in Coleman-Street, and the Nag's-Head in Basinghal-Street, their Correspondence with the Disaffected Members of both Houses, and several other Things never before Published. Address'd to the Modern Whigs and Luke-Warm Church-Men.
Publisherprinted by Edm. Powell in Blackfriers, and sold by J. Morphew near Stationers-Hall


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