A third defense; containing I. A reply to Dr. Snape's and Mr. Mills's new calumnies, in their late book. II. A faithful account of Mr. Rouire's whole conduct; and a Demonstration of the Falsity of his Oath, and other present Declarations; supported by large Extracts out of his own Letters, and by his Ample Testimony to the Truth, written in French by himself, with a Design of publishing it. III. A postscript, in answer to Mr. Armand Dubourdieu's calumnies, cast upon Mr. Pillonniere in his late Book, call'd An Appeal to the English Nation, &c. With a Short Answer to Mr. Rouire's last Reply. By Francis De La Pillonniere. To which are prefix'd, some few remarks upon Dr. Snape's letter before Mr. Mills's book, &c. By the Lord Bishop of Bangor

Publication Date1718
Publisherprinted by W. Wilkins, for J. Knapton at the Crown, and Tim. Childe at the White-Hart, in St. Paul's Church-Yard




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