A sermon preached at the cathedral church of Salisbury

Publication Date1746
RemainderOctober the 6th, 1745. on occasion of the rebellion in Scotland. By the Right Reverend Thomas Lord Bishop of Salisbury. Published at the Request of the Mayor and Corporation: but Re-Published by Mr. Whiston, with some Additions, 1745-6. To which Mr. Whiston has now added a new edition of his Explication of the fifth vision of the prophet Esdras, Lib. iv. Chap. 11, and 12. Concerning an Eagle, with XII Great Wings; Viii Small Wings; and III Heads; besides his Body, and Talons; to be destroyed by a Lion. First published on the Back of an open half Sheet of Proposals for my Authentick Records, 1725-6; and again in the Authentick Records themselves, 1727; and now a third Time, 1745-6
Publisherprinted for John Whiston, Bookseller, at Mr. Boyle's Head, Fleet-Street





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