The preaching-Weathercock: a paradox, proving Mr. W- R-Dson (lately a dissenting minister, and now a presbiter of the Church of England) will cant, recant, and re-recant, till (to prove he is no Schismatick) he has set his religion and conscience to all the points of the compass: Fairly argued from - The Secret History of his Life, Conversation and Doctrines - Whilst (tho' a Presbyterian) he stickled hard to be chose Pastor to an Independent Congregation in Moorfields; - Or, a Letter to that Universal Turncoat, concerning his so often changing his Religion. The whole Compleating the Weathercock-Paradox in III Parts. Written by John Dunton, a true and constant Son of the Church of England, without Respect to Parties, and Author of those Two Answers to Dean Kennet, and Dr. Sacheverel, intituled - The Bull-Baiting, - and Hazard of a Death-Bed-Repentance

Publication Date1712
Publisherprinted by R. Tookey, for the author, and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster



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