The pulse watch

Publication Date1710
RemainderVol.II. or, an essay to discover the causes of diseases, and a rational method of curing them by feeling of the pulse. These Essays are added as an appendix. I. An Essay to make a new Sphygmologia, by accommodating the Chinese and European Observations about the Pulse. II. An Inquiry into the Nature, Use, Causes and Differences of the Respirations, and the Prognostications which may be made by them in Diseases. III. A Letter concerning the Rupture in the Lungs, which is the Cause of the Asthma in Mankind, and of the Broken-Wind in Horses, and of the Crocke in Hawks, with the palliative Cure of those several Diseases, and their Symptoms. By Sir John Floyer, Knight
Publisherprinted for J. Nicholson, at the King's Arms in Little-Britain; W. Taylor, at the Ship; and H. Clements, at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-Yard




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